How to pass the bill

Take action for your health and safety

Meet with, call, and email your state legislators

Legislators care most about what their constituents want so they can get re-elected. And not all communication is equally effective. The more effort is required of you and the more disruptive it is, the more legislators will take notice (especially if you can show you have organizing power to get someone else elected).

First, find your state legislators.

Then it’s simply a matter of asking. Asking your state legislators for change is simple. It involves telling your story (optional), communicating the problem, and outlining the Dignity At Work Act as the solution.

How to lobby your state legislators
Bill summary
Overview flyer
Myths flyer

Here are the actions you can take in order of effectiveness. Using multiple methods is THE most effective:

  1. Meet as a group in person or over Zoom. This action requires the most effort and shows the most organizing power. Bring this overview flyer and the myths flyer to help explain the bill. You can also share your story, sticking to the facts:
    In what industry did you work? What did you do?
    How did the bullying begin? What tactics were used? How’d it escalate?
    How did you feel?
    How did your employer react (or not react)?
    What was the impact on you?
    What was the impact on the organization?
    Why do you want workplace bullying legislation to pass?
  2. Meet individually in person or over Zoom. Use the same suggestions as above.
  3. Call and ask them to sign onto the bill. Let whoever answers the phone know that upfront. Tell whoever answers the phone “Hi! My name is (YOUR NAME). I live in (NAME OF YOUR TOWN). I’m calling to ask (NAME OF THE LEGISLATOR) to sign onto (BILL NUMBER — SEE THE MAP BELOW), the Dignity At Work Act.” They may ask you your address.
  4. Email a custom email. Click on the red icon on your state on the map below. Click on the action to “ask your state legislators to move this bill forward” and follow the steps. Replace the email with your own reasons for wanting the Dignity At Work Act to pass.

Spread the word 

Ask others to do the same.

Teachers, nurses, government workers, and workers in the non-profit sector are the most likely to get bullied at work, but bullying can happen anywhere. 

Share this flyer with workers to spread the word about workplace bullying and the Dignity At Work Act.

Post flyers around your nearest city and take photos of them for social media using #NotDyingForWork.

Introduce the bill in your state

To introduce the Dignity At Work Act in your state, email

To help out in your state, submit your information:

Orange = Active bill

Blue = Active state team

Gray = No team. Email to start one. We’ll walk you through the process.

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