Know Your Rights: Ending Harassment in Your Workplace

Tools you can use

Understand your rights to a harassment-free workplace.

Harassment and bullying are rampant in the American workplace.

The US legal system deals with this issue by protecting employees against forms of harassment that are based on protected classes under Title VII, the ADA, ADEA, and NLRA. Further, this system requires that targets of such harassment report the harassing behaviors to their employers or to government enforcement agencies such as the EEOC. These forms of workplace harassment are devastating to organizations and most importantly to individual targets.

In six chapters, this book gives you a concise guide to understanding your rights to a harassment-free workplace. This guide will help readers:

  • Understand the legal definition of workplace harassment
  • What to do if they have been a target or witness of harassment
  • How to avoid being a harasser.

This guide can be your first step to freeing yourself from unwanted harassing behaviors at work.

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